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Blue Medical Drug Testing & Training Solutions offers accurate drug and alcohol testing kits you can rely on. Contact our helpful team today to discuss:

  • Oral drug test kits
  • Urine drug test kits
  • Alcohol breath testers

We are proud to help keep Australian workplaces and homes drug-free, making them safer, happier and healthier for everyone!

Alcohol Breath Testers

We offer Alcoholmeter mouthpieces and tubes in 150-unit packs and 2000-unit cartons. These single-use mouthpieces are individually wrapped in cello and designed for use with the SD 400 Lion Alcoholmeter. Cost-effective pricing begins at $70.

We also supply 25-unit packs of sampling cups. These are reusable plastic sampling cups for the Lion SD400 hand-held breathalyser. They are useful when the device is in precursory (passive) mode. The item is made in Australia, while pricing starts at $75.
Alcohol Breath Testers — Drug Testing And Training Solutions in Yatala, QLD
Test Tubes — Drug Testing And Training Solutions in Yatala, QLD

Oral Drug Test Kits

Talk with our helpful staff about the Oral View oral drug testing kit. It’s one of the highest-rated kits on the market today. Our qualified testers know and trust Oral View as it is the testing kit they use in the workplace. These cost-effective drug testing kits start at just $26 plus GST per unit. Call us for more details.

Urine Drug Test Kits

We offer Surestep Urine Kits, which are some of the best on the market. Let our friendly team help you choose the best type of testing kit to meet your unique needs. Our high-quality urine testing kits feature affordable pricing, starting at $26 plus GST per unit.
Urine sample — Drug Testing And Training Solutions in Yatala, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink alcohol the evening before a urine test?
You should be safe to have a couple of drinks. Don’t drink excessively and end the evening early. Go home and drink some water to help flush your system.
What is the most common drug testing method for employees?
The most common way to have an employee drug tested is via urinalysis, which can be performed on-the-spot at the workplace or home.
Is drug testing legal in Queensland, Australia?
Under current QLD laws, employers can insist that an employee take a drug test as a condition of employment. However, many Australian businesses opt not to do this. It’s employer-specific.