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Ensure WH&S Compliance

Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) standards are core values at Blue Medical Drug Testing & Training Solutions. We are very proactive about maintaining the highest levels of safety and wellbeing for all Australians businesses. Our WH&S policy aims to minimise the risk of illness and injury within the workplace.

The safety of our field staff and their co-workers is paramount. All our staff undergo a rigorous WH&S induction before being placed with any of our clients.

Due to the nature of our work

We ensure strict WH&S compliance from all our clients. We also educated our field staff to work safely within these sites and report anything they feel is not safe.

Please reach out to our team today if you have questions or need advice. We are here to make your life safer, healthier and easier.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure WH&S compliance?
Our field staff are reminded to gather the following information about a client's worksite:

  • Location of staff toilets
  • Location of visitor sign-on/off folder
  • Understand the emergency evacuation procedures
  • Determine the location of incident/accident reports
  • Determine where their policies and procedures are kept
  • Understand the policy on smoking on the client's premise
  • Determine the location of their documentation procedures

All our field agents complete their orientation on-site. We always strive to maintain strict compliance with all WH&S standards.
Why do you place so much value on WH&S?
We believe that most accidents/incidents and injuries are preventable. Australian workers, including our trained and qualified field staff, should not be subjected to any adversities, especially in the workplace.
Do you perform field WH&S inspections?
Yes. We carry out WH&S inspections for all new clients, or if there have been changes in any of the sites we currently supply to.

Periodically, we will make recommendations for various changes. That usually occurs before a project’s commencement. In some cases, we will remove field staff immediately from the site if we believe there is a high likelihood of an incident.